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Manuscript Title: Speed Control Techniques Using Fuzzy Logic and Response Surface Methodology

Author : Shabbiruddina and Amitava Rayb

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Abstract: A better control of rotating speed of DC shunt motor has been presented with less number of data for achieving the desired speed of rotation. The methodology to accurately control the rotating speed shown in the paper can be used as powerful tool to control various machineries in the shop floor and also useful to the control engineers. The physical implications of the equations regarding device behavior, and the need for speed control, are easily understood. The present research work deals with the application of Fuzzy Logic and Response Surface Methodology (RSM) for controlling as well as estimating the rotating speed of a DC shunt motor. As the rotating speed of DC shunt motor depends on armature voltage and field current applied to the shunt motor, therefore, these two process parameters were varied during experimentation. Moreover, empirical model has been developed to predict any desired speed of rotation of the DC shunt motor and the model has been validated through confirmation experimentations. The present paper will be useful for the students to readily draw a mental picture regarding the rotating speed of the shunt motor and applied voltage and current.

Keywords: DC shunt motor, Speed control, Fuzzy Logic, Response surface methodology, Computational intelligence.

Vol 4 (2)