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Manuscript Title: Indelible Performance Appraisal of Al-Krama Project Drinking Water Treatment plant: A case Study in Iraq

Author : Ali Ahmed Mohammed and Alaa A. Shakir

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Abstract: Al-Krama drinking water treatment plant has been playing a vital role in supplying drinking water to Baghdad city since 1980s. It was designed with a design capacity22500 m3/d so that it can cover the needs of the public properly. However, the fatal circumstances which have recently hit Baghdad city represented by wars and terrorist operations have considerably resulted in a significant deterioration in the quality of Al- Krama water treatment plant in the early of 2005s and 2006s. Furthermore, the failure of the equipments and the deficiency of the crew of the power plant have dramatically caused a shortage in the efficiency of the plant. Therefore, this work is the earliest attempt in addressing the problem of this plant. In this study, the removal efficient of the filtration, sedimentation will be addressed as well as the turbidity during three years of investigation. It was found that the average value of the removal of the sedimentation basin was about 24% which is obviously low due to the absence of the permanent maintenance and the continuous clean out for the sedimentation basin. The removal efficiency of filtration basin was as high as 85% comparatively with the removal efficiency of the sedimentation basin .The turbidity magnitudes were slightly oscillated along the study period since there has been shortage in the efficiency of sedimentation basin; it is then peaked at rainy season with about 20 NTU. The free chloride (CL2) was high but it may fall within the parameters, it is interesting to note that it was highly increased at September and December due to the high turbidity discharge.

Keywords: sustainability water treatment drinking plant, Performance assessment, performance Indicators.

Vol 4 (1)