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Manuscript Title: Segmentation of Brain Magnetic Resonance Images (MRIs): A Review

Author : M. Masroor Ahmed, Dzulkifli Bin Mohamad

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Abstract: MR imaging modality has assumed an important position in studying the characteristics of soft tissues. Generally, images acquired by using this modality are found to be affected by noise, partial volume effect (PVE) and intensity nonuniformity (INU). The presence of these factors degrades the quality of the image. As a result of which, it becomes hard to precisely distinguish between different neighboring regions constituting an image. To address this problem, various methods have been proposed. To study the nature of various proposed state-of-the-art medical image segmentation methods, a review was carried out. This paper presents a brief summary of this review and attempts to analyze the strength and weaknesses of the proposed methods. The review concludes that unfortunately, none of the proposed methods has been able to independently address the problem of precise segmentation in its entirety. The paper strongly favors the use of some module for restoring pixel intensity value along with a segmentation method to produce efficient results.

Keywords: Magnetic Resonance Images (MRI), PVE, INU, Brain MRI Segmentation.

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