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Manuscript Title: Web Search Personalization Based on Browsing History by Artificial Immune System

Author : Hamid Rastegari and Siti Mariyam Shamsuddin

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Abstract: Different users have different needs when they submit a query to a web search engine. Common search engines investigate the World Wide Web (WWW) and find many pages according to user query regardless the query submission. The aim of web search personalization is to tailor search results for that particular user. One issue in this field is to gather user information without user intervention. Hence, this paper presents the insight of Artificial Immune Systems (AIS) for user profile construction and probing highly relevant pages in search results. From our investigations, we found conclude that AIS is a suitable personalization tool to knowledge discovery due to its adaptability and learning capability that are required to solve web search personalization.

Keywords: Personalization of Web Search, Analyzing User Behavior, Artificial Immune System, Construction of User Profile, Browsing History

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