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Manuscript Title: Ranking of Generalized Exponential Fuzzy Numbers using Integral Value Approach

Author : Amit Kumar, Pushpinder Singh and Amarpreet Kaur

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Abstract: Ranking of fuzzy numbers play an important role in decision making, optimization, forecasting. In fuzzy decision making problems fuzzy numbers must be ranked before an action is taken by a decision maker. Chen and Li have proposed on “Representation, ranking, and distance of fuzzy number with exponential membership function using grade mean integration method" by ranking index for ranking exponential fuzzy numbers which does not depend on the height of fuzzy number. But in the related literature, it is shown that ranking index depends upon the height of fuzzy number. In this paper, using integral value approach of T.S. Liou and M.J. Wang, a ranking formula is introduced for comparing the exponential fuzzy numbers which depends on height of fuzzy number. Also it is proved that the ranking function for exponential fuzzy numbers is not linear.

Keywords: Ranking function, Integral value index, Generalized exponential fuzzy numbers

Vol 2 (2)