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Manuscript Title: A Review of Emotional Learning  and It’s Utilization in Control Engineering

Author : Zahra Beheshti  and Siti Zaiton Mohd Hashim

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Abstract:  In mammalians, brain Limbic System is responsible for emotional process. An important part of motor learning as well as attention is formed by the system. Brain Emotional Learning (BEL) process of mammalians has been mathematically modeled. Based on the model, a controller architecture called Brain Emotional Learning Based Intelligent Controller (BELBIC) has been developed. Emotional Learning is a powerful methodology in real time control and decision systems due to low computational complexity and fast training where the gradient based methods and evolutionary algorithms are hard to be applied because of their high computational complexity. In this paper, the emotional processes and the Limbic System will be reviewed. In addition, the utilization of BELBIC model in variety of applications of control system will be examined. The results of simulations demonstrate control systems based on BELBIC have good performances.

Keywords: Limbic System, Emotional Learning, BELBIC, Control System

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