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Manuscript Title: Water Delivery Optimization Program, of Jiroft Dam Irrigation Networks by Using Genetic Algorithm

Author : Rahnama Mohamad Bagher and Jahanshai Payman

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Abstract: Water is the most important critical liquid for living. With the population increases and human’s need ever-increasing to water supply. The optimum use of water sources at the irrigation networks is needed. One of the effective factors in operation from irrigation networks, to achieve suitable efficiency at the project level, is water delivery program. In addition to time of exploitation from channels, water delivery scheduling is considers too, because while designing it the type of water delivery plan effects on construction size, channel capacity, and finally construction cost. For the reason that traditional optimization methods for water delivery had many limitations, therefore, genetic algorithm method was used for optimization. That has a numerical optimization method with search ability of specific maximum or minimum parameters index to remove these limitations. In this research, Jiroft irrigation network has been considered. The distribution channels embranchment located random in different irrigation blocks, and obtained the best discharge of each embranchment and complete time of irrigation plan by genetic algorithm parameters. The results shows the best irrigation plan with different objectives supply, are the reduction of water distribution channel capacity to embranchments, the reduction of necessary time for watering plan fulfillment and the reduction of time waste in each irrigation period.

Keywords: water delivery plan, Jiroft irrigation network, genetic algorithm, irrigation blocks.

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