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Manuscript Title: Ant Colony Optimization: A Modified Version

Author : Shuchita Upadhyaya, Richa Setiya

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Abstract: Antnet is an agent based routing algorithm based on real ants' behavior. In real life, ants drop some kind of chemical substances to mark the path that they used. Then on their way back they choose the path with the highest pheromones which becomes the shortest path. Ants in antnet algorithm are used to collect traffic condition and are used to update probabilistic routing tables based on the collected information. But Antnet Algorithms may cause the network congestion and stagnation. Here, some special type of ants called clone ants is proposed which is able to produce multiple mutually exclusive optimal paths as compared to single optimal path in original antnet routing by introducing a little overhead. This proposed modified algorithm optimizes the antnet routing by a better throughput.

Keywords: antnet agent, swarm intelligence, adaptive routing

Vol 1 (2)